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How do I choose a vacuum cleaner for my home and apartment?

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When choosing a vacuum cleaner to meet expectations, you should consider its type, power, suction power and filters. If you do not want to choose between two manufacturers, pay attention to their prices, they are all different. The power of a vacuum cleaner is considered an average. Usually it is 1 - 3 kW, but when buying pays more attention to it. The power of 0.5 - 1 kW is enough to clean small carpets, linoleum and synthetic carpeting.

 Suction power - the power of the air sucked by the unit. Depending on this index vacuum cleaner is chosen according to the following criteria: a vacuum cleaner with a suction power of 0.25 - 0.6 kW belongs to the average price category. For an apartment with a sufficiently large footprint, a suction power of 0.5 - 0.7 kW is not sufficient to maintain cleanliness. The area of such an apartment can be up to 50 - 60 m2.

 An average sized apartment can have up to 50 to 60 m2.

 Power Consumption

 The device for maintenance of cleanliness on a small area with the area up to 30 m2

 1,5 kW

 For large apartments of 40-60 sqm


 For cleaning many carpets in large rooms and wall furniture, a power of 0.1 - 0.5 kW is enough, depending on the size and properties of the product.


 Vacuum cleaner filters are a very important element to keep your home clean and, most importantly, healthy. Vacuum cleaners are divided into household and professional vacuum cleaners, as well as vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning. These vacuum cleaners are designed for constant work, and household vacuum cleaners - for periodic cleaning of the apartment during the residence. Work household vacuum cleaners from 220 V or through a special attachment - cyclone. Powerful household vacuum cleaners have no filters, so they use brushes made of natural bristles.

 Dry cleaning

 The dry method of cleaning the premises is used to clean the floors, if there is no possibility for wet cleaning. This method is suitable for cleaning carpets and flooring without using water. Dry cleaning minimizes dust, but does not remove it completely. This is due to the fact that the back of the vacuum constantly removes the smallest particles of dirt, not dust.

 Planetary System

 This type of vacuum cleaner is the most popular. It is used for simultaneous high-quality cleaning of carpet surfaces and furniture. The large mass is achieved due to the five nozzles.
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